“Fiore mio” is a visual suggestion, a succession of images meant to tell the story of absence and presence, what remains or what is lost, between two people when their paths part. The project was born from a dedication to the song of the same name "Fiore Mio" by Andrea Laszlo De Simone.
The music video is a mix of traditional animation and footage, made by printing all frames by hand through the cyanotype technique. Thus, cyanotype becomes a tool that conveys the message, because it is a technique made of voids, of solids, which prints the present time of its creation in an imperfect way, linked to sunlight.
Song - Fiore Mio by Andrea Laszlo De Simone 
Cyanotype printing - Lucilla Fabbris, Elisabetta Forleo 
Camera video - Vinìcius Antunes 
Muta Animation 
The Goodness Factory 

Special thanks to - Donato Sansone, Margherita Giusti, Elisabetta Bosco, Elisa Bonandin, Paola Rushaj, Luca Rastelli and all the others. 

©Sony Music Publishing
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